#SelfieArt Day recap + #kidlitart

Well, where did Monday go? So much for the M-F posting schedule. Good thing nobody is keeping track.

Charlie (Mr. Doodlewash) and I were talking about pangolins, and I told him I had a prelim sketch of one in a piece of kidlit art, so here it is. Needs paint. 🙂


We had a small but dedicated group of #SelfieArters (is that a word?) this month.

Susan always puts herself in a fun place for her selfie-art; I always wonder what cool place she’ll be hailing from next: https://susanfeniakart.wordpress.com/2016/03/24/selfie-art-day/

Yvette bravely joined us for the first time and gave us terrific details on her process: https://yvettecarol.wordpress.com/2016/03/24/selfie-art-day-or-new-leaves/

Kerfe combines her 100 self-portraits projects with selfieart day. I love her homage to the different artists she riffs on: https://methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/2016/03/25/self-portrait-13-after-man-ray/

Catherine is like me; she does fast and pretty spontaneous art: http://www.catherinemjohnson.com/?p=10493

Thanks to you lovely folks for playing along!


34 thoughts on “#SelfieArt Day recap + #kidlitart

  1. I loooooove the pangolin! More please :-)! Wait, do people really have pangolin pets??? Thanks for the links to the brave selfie artists. I think I may have to draw all the Earth’s bird species before I feel like drawing myself.

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  2. Oh, gosh, I hope nobody is keeping pangolins as pets…although pets is better than killing them for “medicinal purposes.” Don’t get me started! 😉 Maybe you draw an “if I were a bird, I would be a ____” for selfieart day one day?

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