And they called it hedgehog love @drawonapostit #doodle

You can’t help whom you fall in love with. Relatedly, hubby and I are celebrating 28 years of marriage tomorrow!

A little something for @drawonapostit #doodle

Drawing on a tiny tableau can be oddly freeing. Not only did I want a tranquil scene today but this also reminds me of the Night Gallery episode where the Nazi war criminal gets his due by being sucked into a painting of Christ dying on the cross instead of a peaceful fishing scene. I love Rod Serling.

Keep on keeping on #painting

I painted a whole buncha leaves today before attempting this. Unlike writing, painting is therapeutic, and that’s a good thing when there are corrupt governments and much turmoil in the world.

As always, the art is for sale and 50% will be donated to Southern Poverty Law Center, one of my favorite humanitarian charities.

Lean left #painting

Still practicing leaves but need to work on composition, too.

All original paintings are for sale if you’re interested. I’ll donate 50% of income to Southern Poverty Law Center. They are a wonderful organization that educated people about, and fights, hate crimes.

A bird in hand is worth… #kidlitillustration

Managed to get a drawing in while watching this new (to us) show called Dark Matter. A light sketch to offset the heavier episode.

Better use of my time #knitting

Between baking and processing tomatoes today, I didn’t get to drawing. But I worked on my socks. After lots and lots of ripping apart, including a completed pair that I botched the gauge on, I am just about done with this baby! And it only took 3 months. 😛 Still it loved me and I love it…and nobody feels rejected.

No leaf left unpainted #art

More practice on painting leaves. I want to perfect the technique my dad taught me to load the brush in such a way that a leaf or a bamboo stalk have a gradation of saturation, lending a rounded, 3-dimensional look to whatever I’m painting. Not quite there yet.IMG_6493