In case you needed your appetite ruined

I know y’all are dying for an update on my burn. Or maybe it’s only because I don’t have a good blog post in mind this week. At any rate, I am happy to report that the wound is healing…very slowly, but I have noticed a difference.

The top one was taken on July 21st, and the bottom, July 28th. There was even no bleeding when I went to clean it off this morning. Hooray!

The raw area is shrinking!

Burn, baby; burn.

Want some good advice? Don’t try to catch a falling object that is just out of a 350F oven (or bread machine) with bare skin. My right forearm found this out the hard way.

Warning: don’t keep scrolling if you’re squeamish…

Shortly after burning myself and slathering antibiotic ointment on the wound…you can see the uppermost layer of skin dying and turning gray.
The next morning after taking off the gauze pad.
And the day after that…
Tuesday evening…still ugly. But, I now have Silvadene and I’m not afraid to use it!

Bare skin 0; bread machine bucket 1. Oy vey.

I cut my hair, and it wasn’t a dare

The downside to quarantine is that I can’t go to my hair stylist. The upside to quarantine is that no one else besides my family sees me. So, even if I botched the cut, it’ll grow out again before we can go back hanging out with other people.

I’ve cut my own hair a few times before, though I have never tried to do a super short layered cut. But that’s the beauty of being 56 and not caring so much what I look like anymore.

This was my pre-cut length. It was annoying me as wisps of hair kept getting into my face and mouth.

(smiling is painful…LOL!)

After the hack job cut:

Hubby surveyed the back when I was done and said it wasn’t even noticeably jagged. I will count this as a win.

In hindsight, 3 days before appearing for nErDCampPA was probably not the best time to attempt this, but all’s well that ends well.

And what daring deed did you do this week? LOL!

GIVE SOMETHING AWAY DAY – JULY 15, 2020 by Kim Pfennigwerth

What are your favorite books written or illustrated by BIPOCs?

Darlene Beck-Jacobson

July 15th will be here in a blink and so I am posting, once again, on Darlene’s blog to celebrate our annual Give Something Away Day!

This is a day to share things that will lighten our load and perhaps brighten someone else’s day. With everything our country is experiencing because of the pandemic, this is a great time to give something away. What can you give away? How about a phone call, food for someone in quarantine, or books you love.

Along with staying safe in the pandemic, we have also been listening to the important discussion that is raising our collective social conscience with Black Lives Matter.

So, for our giveaway this year, Darlene and I have decided to give away books that support and highlight the talented BIPOC authors and/or illustrators in children’s literature.

I will be giving away two books:

We Are Water Protectors                          woke cover

  • We Are Water Protectors

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The secret campsite

Not so secret after I share this post, of course, but the hilltop portion of our property makes for an excellent campsite. People have told us that our hilltop has one of the most, if not the most, beautiful vistas in our county.

Hubby had offered the site for a couple of his colleagues to go camping on during the quarantine, and it was a hit. So when a writer friend asked if she could visit and stay with us on her cross-country move from NY to CA…and we are still quarantining, surrounded by states with increasing numbers of COVID19 cases…I offered the hilltop as a solution. And we provided her meals and drinks.

Providing shade instead of throwing it…hah!
Another lovely shady spot to hang out in.
Hubby hooked up a solar shower (with a little platform to stand on). He hauled up extra bins of water and a bucket for a wash basin. The cooler contained cold water and some food with a lot of ice packs.
And is that not the cutest little outhouse or what? LOL!
A “room” with a view. Plus free meals. You can’t ask for much more during a pandemic.

More garden pictures, you say?

Or maybe I only imagined you said it, but you’re getting more anyway! 😀

This year, hubby extended the main fenced garden out in the front on both sides.
Parts of the south garden is now fenced, too. The greens in the foreground are comfrey. We have no idea what to do with it.
And now for some close-ups: first the eggplant!

The stuff on the leaves is not mildew; it’s pyrethrin powder to try and get rid of the flea beetles that are constantly decimating those plants.

We might get grapes again this year!
Red cabbage is such a diva and always beautiful.
Ah, kohlrabi!
Walking onions caught in mid-walk. Uncle Pete gave them to us a couple of decades ago, and we always smile and think of him whenever we see them.
A new apple tree! Yet another we have to fight the squirrels for. 😛
Hubby’s pride and joy. 😀

Physics, microbes and engineering with boxes

What a beautiful review of my book!

Inside the petri dish

As always I have a variety of books for you to peruse all of which were purchased from the incredible book shop that is Tell Tales;

The last 2 books I blog about today are definitely aimed more at secondary schools, but as always- you know your readers best- all I try to do is to provide a guide based on what I have read.  All 6 books have been added to my spreadsheet (see below) and I hope to reach 50 book reviews really soon.  I hope you enjoy reading the reviews- any feedback is most welcome.

Queen of Physics- How Wu Chien Shiung helped unlock the secrets of the atom.

Written by Teresa Robeson and illustrated by Rebecca Huang

Published by Sterling Children’s Books


‘Physics captured her heart and this book has captured mine’.

Having read an awful lot of physics books recently I…

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What I’m craving

I miss this dish.

I miss my mom because she used to make an excellent version of this dish.

I miss dim sum where I can get a reasonable version of this dish.

I miss dim sum because there are no *real* dim sum places in the town where we live.

I miss dim sum because we can’t go to Vancouver this year to have good dim sum or to visit my dad and sister.

I miss Vancouver.

I miss this dish.

Soaps as works of art

Many years ago while homeschooling the kids and doing far too much blogging, I fell in with a group of fun-loving soapers. I no longer homeschool–the kids have graduated–and I barely blog anymore, but I still keep in touch with some of the fun soap-makers.

One of them is my good friend Michelle who runs The Soap Pixie shop. She makes seriously gorgeous soap…and best of all, they are palm-free.

Here is a recent batch I got from her:

Aren’t they stunning?
Cinnamon Cocoa…yum!
Grapefruit Lily Love
Golden Warm Vanilla Sugar
Two views of the Swirly Autumn Fig
Baby Rose, Baby!

These photos don’t do the soaps justice…I really should have cropped the pictures better but I was lucky I found enough time to do a post, let alone tidy everything up. Go to Michelle’s The Soap Pixie Facebook page to see more soapy goodness!