Bye, bye, birdies (or £*@€ those raccoons)

On top of all the horrific things happening in the world, raccoons killed two of our chickens last night. One of them was Bulgaria, my favorite. I’ll miss her zen personality.

This is a photo of Son1 holding her. She had a habit of lying still on your palm like she was a piece of rock. You didn’t have to restrain her.

The other hen was Scrawny. I didn’t know her well but I’ll miss her eggs  😬



#100dayproject a gift from the sea

Day 14…picking up like I hadn’t left it for over a week. *sheepish grin*. This is another dual purpose piece, done to celebrate the birthdays of Facebook friends. And it’s not even #MerMay anymore.


#100dayproject day 13 bears and squirrels and drawings, oh my!

This is a testament to how bad my internet (Wildblue/Exede….but really all satellite internet) is. I’ve been trying since 8:30pm yesterday to post this picture. Much to do about a little doodle.




Still life with yarn

When you’re trying to finish up yarn and don’t know know much is left in the ball, you might end up with anklets instead of mid-calf socks. Still cute though and I love my own knitted socks.


#100dayproject Day 12 Memorial Day

I started sketching a cat but then decided to commemorate the day. Painted with Inktense blocks on 5.5” x 8” Strathmore Visual Journal



#100dayproject day 11 #mermay unintentionally

I wasn’t going to draw another mermaid and I wasn’t going to spend as much time (all freaking morning) on it as I did (and neglected my writing and exercise). But there ya have it. She wanted to be drawn.


A peony by any other name

I love peonies (so do ants) but we don’t grow a lot of flowers (hubby is into utilitarian gardening). When they bloom like this, I wonder why we don’t grow more. 😉


#100dayproject day 9 really

So I’m a genius and used “day 3” twice so this is really day 9 and not 8. I drew this for the SCBWI Draw This prompt of “naked” but didn’t bother entering it. I actually did it yesterday but it was too dark to take a photo to post.


#100dayproject day 7 it’s just play

I keep looking at this, wanting to add more to it, thinking it’s incomplete…had to remind myself that there is no #100dayproject police and that I’m ONLY doing this for fun.