Happy Friday + #kidlitart

Because I didn’t get around to drawing anything today, I’m just going to share another page of the homework of copying the art in The Iridescence of Birds as thumbnails.

Little Henri is in blue and the adult Matisse is in green.

Just for fun #kidlitart

I whipped up this piece to go with a story that I pitched on Twitter today. Unfortunately, no one liked the story. But it was good to visualize it anyway.

More homework goodies

Lesson 5 of Children’s Book Illustration: Thinking In Pictures is kicking my butt, but I loooved one of the exercises which I’ll share a panel of here. We were assigned a picture book each and had to do a storyboard/thumbnails of the book, copying, in a much simplified form, the entire story. This is to help us see how a professional artist handles the artwork and to understand the flow of a story through its illustrations.

I was given The Iridescence of Birds (illus: Hadley Hooper). I loved that book before, but having to copy art gave me an even greater appreciation of the book. I also realized that I am incapable of drawing stick figures or “simplified” anymore. Featureless faces is as simple as I can get myself to do now.


#BirdDay on WordPress

I drew a quick one last night. This is from a photo we’d taken on one of our trips to Texas (2014). They are really cute birds.

Also, Happy Chinese New Year! Some people say “Lunar New Year” since 1) it’s based on a lunar calendar rather than earth’s orbit about the sun and 2) other countries celebrate the same new year.

Doodle Day #kidlitart scribbles

I like the Doodle Day theme this month of “unlikely friends” so will attempt to do my usual quick-and-dirty sketches (trying to keep them loose and under 10 minutes) for it. This one is owl and mouse.

If you want to join in the fun, check out Alison Hertz’s blog – alisonhertz.blogspot.com – to see what Doodle Day is about and how you can participate!

Another #illustration homework

We’re to make a 16-page dummy of a story that’s a take-off on an existing book (I picked Olym-Pig; I think that’s the title…I’ve not read it). The story is supposed to be clearly understood from these simple (and tiny…each one page is about 1″x2″) drawings. I’m not entirely sure it worked but it was interesting to do.

Another character sketch doodle

A final character sketch for homework and it’s an appropriate extension of Son1’s birthday because he was born in the year of the pig. :)

I am seriously behind on everything so I apologize to my blogging friends for not getting to your posts yet. Will try and catch up tomorrow!

Teresa Robeson
Odd errors courtesy of phone’s autocorrect.

Happy 20th birthday, Son1!

I have no idea how my older son could possibly be 20 because I don’t feel like I’m pushing 52. No, that’s not true…my achy body wakes up every day with another new pain and says, “oh, yeah, lady, you are SO pushing 52.” But, hey, at least I am waking up every day! Like an acquaintance always said, “growing old is better than the alternative” (since we can’t pull a Dorian Grey).

Sharing an old doodle of my son who, unlike his younger brother, loved to nap. :)