Almost missed a day

I didn’t get much drawing done today, so I’m sharing yet another old piece. I drew this shortly after getting the Art Studio app on the iPad and was still playing around with it, getting used to it. I’m surprised that it’s not as bad as I remembered. :)


Get ready for the next #bird art day

XTo remind everyone of “draw a bird” day for the 8th of the month, here is an old one I did for Doodle Day, started by the lovely Alison Hertz.

My new, and dear, art-blogging friend, Laura (of Create Art Everyday), is collecting the links of those who participate, so be sure to look at her blog, too!

The “vulnerable” under the murrelet’s name isn’t describing its personality but rather its status. Thank goodness it’s not critically endangered yet.

Whipped but in a good way

Whipped butter is definitely one good thing! My friend Grace shared this recipe for a healthier whipped butter made with one part butter to one part vegetable oil. It’s perfect for toast!

Use it or lose it

Jodi, over at Life In Between, shared her beautiful new sketchbook purchase which inspired me to share about my first (and, so far, only) Moleskine sketchbook.

IMG_0159It was the most expensive sketchbook I’d bought and I was afraid to mess it up so I didn’t draw in it for a while. I finally took the plunge a few years ago (probably after reminding myself that I’ve bought way more expensive watercolor paper and managed to ruin those without consequence) and finished it up last month, filling it up with, among other things, a number of these ink drawings:

FullSizeRender(7)I often worry that my art isn’t good enough, but my confidence was boosted when I attended an illustration workshop and the art director told me to pass the book around so that the other participants could take a look. :)

A #Portrait challenge…what do you think?

I was chatting with Kirk of Dumb Sketch Daily — his sketches are not dumb, by the way :) — and we thought it might be fun to do a once-a-month self-portrait art challenge, much like the 8th of the month bird art challenge.

If there isn’t already one online, I propose we set the 25th of each month (no reason other than that it will give us all some time to prepare for the inaugural September date) to post a self-portrait piece that we’ve drawn or painted. Kirk has promised to participate, and I hope some of you will join in the fun!

Here’s an old one of mine…circa 1999-ish.


Soap: smells great; not filling

I just had to make my Cafe Mocha soap again because, dang, it smells soooo good.

This is right after I poured so it’s very light colored. It’ll darken in time, due to the vanillin in the fragrance oils, to resemble the name of the soap.

Good things come in many guises

I ordered some mica and fragrance oils from Mad Oils for making soap and they sent me a little extra goodie bag with this saying on it:

“Sometimes rejection in life is really redirection.” – Tavis Smiley

Thanks, Joanna! I really, REALLY needed to hear that this month.

Night Falling On Lyon

Teresa Robeson:

Charlie took my challenge and painted this atmospheric evening scene! :)

Originally posted on doodlewash:

Night Falling on Lyon by Charlie O'Shields

So I accepted another challenge from Teresa Robeson at One Good Thing to try painting the riverfront in Lyon which I really loved and this doodlewash is the result. I mentioned that I have no idea how to handle water and tend to avoid it, so we both decided it must be tried next. What I loved about the Lyon riverfront was when night was falling over the city, so I added the second ridiculous challenge of trying to recreate water at night.

I’m not even quite sure what I’ve done here as I just grabbed a photo I had taken and sort of went for it. I painted what I thought I saw without really trying to do any particular techniques. So this one isn’t necessarily a lesson of how one should paint water, there are many cool techniques I’ve seen that I’ve yet to sit down and learn (highly…

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More #Doodle Day silliness

For the “on a mountain” prompt – “Remember what Don Henley said, Larry: ‘don’t look back; you can never look back’!”