National Arbor Day #doodlewashaday #botany

There are some people who contend planting a tree is good no matter what tree it is; others who’ve studied ecology counter that, in fact, you could do more harm than good by planting invasive non-native trees.

My son, the future ecologist, is in the second camp. For Arbor Day (a day late since I was in town and busy all day yesterday), I’d like to feature one of his favorite plants, which is more of bush than a tree, but close enough: the Eastern Wahoo.


Here’s what Horticulture magazine had to say about it (bold is my emphasis):

Wahoo  (Euonymus atropurpureus) is an excellent North American native. An alternative to the invasive burning bush (Euonymus alatus), this tough plant can be managed as a small specimen tree (30 by 30 feet) or as a thicket/hedge (9 to 12 feet) for privacy with renewal pruning. It can grow in full sun to partial shade and in wet to dry soils. This makes it an excellent candidate for rain gardens that are occasionally flooded. The late spring flowers are a deep maroon; they are small but stunning on close examination. The fall color is a delicate pink. Once the foliage drops, the red fruits inside light pink capsules will stop traffic. Seeds are a preferred bird food during winter months. USDA Zones 4–9.

Native range: Eastern half of North America


National Picture Book Writing Week – May 1 to May 8

This is not actually part of the “National Day” series by Charlie (, but a fun picture book writing challenge started by the multi-talented Paula Yoo. If you’ve ever wanted to write a picture book, check out her page for details on this fun and free challenge where you can read great advice and win prizes! Starts May 1, so hurry to join!


National Superhero(ine) Day #doodlewashaday

I spend the morning at the last physical therapy session for my frozen shoulder and grocery shopping, so my time is precious this afternoon, and I can either spend it drawing or working on some writing. I’m choosing the latter, so for National Superhero/ine Day, I’m posting a piece I’d done a year and a half ago. It was not long after I bought the ArtStudio app for the iPad and I was still playing with it, trying to figure out how it worked. I drew this with my (shaky) finger as it was before I bought a stylus.

I’m a huge superhero(ine)/comic book fan. I started watching the old Adam West Batman shows in Hong Kong when I was about 7 years old and was a DC fan for many years. Then friends of my sister got us into the X-Men, and I’ve been hooked by Marvel since. But enough reminiscing…I have real writing (as if) to do.

scarlet witch

National Tell A Story Day #doodlewashaday #kidlitart + #SelfieDay links


I’m re-using another oldie for the National Tell a Story Day, because 1) I kind of like this nearly-a-couple-of-decades old drawing, and 2)  I don’t have time to do a drawing today. Wouldn’t you like to know what story that bird is telling?

I’m so pleased that 8 people joined me in #SelfieDay this month on WordPress! **Edited to add Myriam and Birgit’s entry. Several of you went with line drawings, one of my favorite ways to do a selfie:




Myriam…who painted beautiful birds and shared an old selfie drawing:

Annie did an illustrative self portrait:


Charlie, Carolina and Birgit captured themselves with color:




And for something quite different, Sharon and Kerfe gave us experimental and collage:



What fun it was to see everyone’s creative efforts! Go checked out these brave and talented artists’ selfies. And if I have forgotten to include yours, please let me know and I’ll update this list.

National Kids & Pets Day #doodlewashaday #kidlitart

I’d posted the drawing of this piece before but I threw a bit of paint at it today for National Kids and Pets Day.

I don’t care for the buckling of this paper; it’s too light weight–I prefer 140lb paper (300lb if I can get it)–but whatever.

Paints: 14 pan Sennelier travel kit.

#SelfieDay #doodlewashaday

I spent about 10 minutes sketching this and about 10 minutes painting it, all the while cursing my Sennelier travel box for not having the right hues to mix good skin and hair colors.

I look so serious when I’m concentrating!

I’m pleased to note that several other people are playing along this month and will post the compiled list in a couple of days!

National Picnic Day #doodlewashaday

I’m getting lazy in my old age (hah…I’m always lazy). I didn’t do a doodlewash yesterday and I’m reusing an old piece today. Also, I’m only posting today because I didn’t post any of my art yesterday. It’s not the best weather for a picnic today here, but where these squirrels live, it is.:) Happy Saturday!


A Morning With Grandpa

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you the breaking news that my dear friend and critique group partner, Sylvia Liu, is beginning the blog tour for her debut picture book, A Morning With Grandpa. Go read all about it at KidLit411 and enter for a chance to win a copy!


National Have a Poem in Your Pocket Day #doodlewashaday #kidlitart

So the poem goes:
“Apples, oranges,
broccoli, beans,
dinosaur kale,
and Asian greens.

Tempeh, tofu…
oh, don’t forget peas!
Milk and butter,
bread and cheese,

ice cream…and anything
else I may have missed.”
That ain’t a poem;
it’s a grocery list.

And it’s not a pocket but a “pocketbook” (the weirdest word for a purse I’ve ever heard).

National Look Alike Day #doodlewashaday #kidlitart

I actually did this 5 minute scribble for Alison Hertz’s Doodle Day group (theme of “hatch”) but am going to use it for National Look Alike Day, too, because baby gators are virtually miniature adult gators.

Alas, I didn’t have time to add color so it’s not really a doodlewash. I’d add “so bite me” except one shouldn’t joke about biting around alligators.😉