Learn a new word #kidlitart

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging. It’s not a new word for me but somehow it popped into my head today and made me think of how we mis-hear words when they’re ones we don’t know.

Pointless pursuits #cartoon

Sooo, I tried doing a “real” cartoon today. Stupid sketchbook doesn’t lay flat so it’s very hard to photograph.

What I’ve learned in doing this is…I think it’s more fun chasing neutrinos!


We were out and about all day so I only had time to scribble this cat while in the car. It’s not easy to draw in a moving vehicle. But it’s appropriate: a shaky start to a shaky week.

Tiny dancer #kidlitart

I’ve not much felt like dancing in the past couple of months, but that doesn’t mean my characters (who don’t live in our world) can’t.

A little confused #kidlitart

Zeke knew there was an invincible summer in him but he mistakenly thought it was outside as well. Zeke can quote Camus but he’s not too bright otherwise.

Gratitude #kidlitart

I don’t expect thanks when I do something nice for others but it was gratifying when the library staff told me me how much they liked the handmade soaps I gave them for the holidays. 🙂