#WorldWatercolorMonth #DoodleDay #veterinarian

This is my kid lit art interpretation of “veterinarian” and is my last piece for a while. I’m taking some time off to let my very sore arm get better (I’m certain it’s a combination of carpel tunnel and pinched nerve).

Happy Independence Day to my American friends (and a belated Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends)! See you all in a few weeks.

Derwent Intense12, Faber-Castell PITT Pens, Strathmore 90lb Visual Journal paper.

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day 3 + #DoodleDay “grocer”

Another humorous illustration sketch for the prompt of “grocer.” Derwent Inktense12 on Strathmore 140lb Visual Journal paper. Approx 5″x6″ (13cm x 16cm).

#WorldWatercolorMonth #DoodleDay “mailman”

When does multitasking not lower your IQ? When you combine two art challenges into one!

Loosely interpreted “mailman” prompt drawn with Faber-Castell PITT pens, and painted with Derwent Inktense 12 on 140lb Strathmore Visual Journal paper.

July is #WorldWatercolorMonth

July is World Watercolor Month thanks to the efforts of the incomparable Charlie O’Shields. I won’t be participating daily due to other commitments and my sore shoulder, but I encourage artists to join the fun and non-artists to give it a try.


There are no rules to this challenge save for using some sort of water-media to make your art. I know people who want to use this challenge to practice certain subjects, but I’m not that organized, so I’ll just paint whatever strikes my fancy.


This is an attempt at capturing the wild and dry landscape of Big Bend National Park. You can tell someone (me…) is a little rusty at landscapes. Rough outline of rock structures drawn with 2B graphite. Painted with Sennelier travel watercolors on 140lb Strathmore Visual Journal.

#DoodleDay “you pick” #NatureDoodlewash cassowary

Hey! I managed to paint a new piece this morning because 1) I have no out-of-home commitments today and 2) my neck/shoulder isn’t in excruciating pain like it was the previous 2 days…just minor pain so far.

I chose to doodlewash a cassowary because a friend brought up the moa when talking about the kakapo yesterday on Facebook. I wanted to paint something that was close but not extinct. Thanks for the inspiration, Ann!

Graphite (2B) drawing and painted with Sennelier travel watercolors on 90lb Strathmore Visual Journal paper, approx 8″X11″ (20cm x 28cm).

#DoodleDay “you pick” Kakapo

I’m going to post one more old piece (I hope I’ll have something new for tomorrow). This one is of a kakapo. I’ve previously mentioned that I’d been working on a picture book of this highly endangered flightless parrot of New Zealand for about five years. If I ever find a publisher for it, I plan to donate 100% of the earnings to the Kakapo Recovery Fund. Unfortunately, no publisher I’ve approached thus far has been interested (one editor whom I met at a conference thought it was lovely and lyrical but she doesn’t do nonfiction or creative nonfiction). And so it languishes in a virtual drawer.


I first learned about kakapos through David Attenborough’s Life of Birds series, and then again in Douglas Adams’ Last Chance to See book (he had a TV series to go with the book). Attenborough and Adams are two of my favorite people ever. Is it any wonder I want to champion the cause of the kakapo?

#DoodleDay “you pick” – zitting cisticola


What the heck happened to the morning and half the afternoon?? The last four days of June’s Doodle Day Challenge were supposed to be pick-your-own-animal days, but they’ve turned out to be more like “use an old piece” day, which is okay, too. I’m choosing not to be hard on myself about it.

I do apologize for slacking off on visiting other people’s blogs though. But it’s summer time and the internet is iffy (because satellite internet is stone-age technology), so what’re you gonna do?

#DoodleDay zebra + #SelfieArt Day recap

This is another repeat piece because I have a busy day of other things to do, including meeting with my in-real-life critique group, which is always fun! I think it’s perfect since after the viscacha, I realize I need a bit more zen in my life.


So a couple of brave souls joined me for #SelfieArt day…

Kerfe, who did another one of her fabulous “after Man Ray” pieces: https://methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/2016/06/25/self-portrait-15-one-more-for-man-ray/
Yvette, who is always good about giving us a play-by-play of her process:

I probably won’t be on the ball next month again, but I will try to give everyone a couple of days of advance warning.:)

If I’ve missed anyone’s selfie art, let me know and I will add you to the list.

#DoodleDay yapok

This was a true doodle, done with abandon and speed…and a couple of Faber Castell PITT pens. The yapok, in case you were wondering, is a marsupial “water possum.” Like anything with the name “possum,” it’s freaky looking with scary-looking sharp teeth, a critter you don’t want to meet in a dark alley.

#SelfieArt Day June 2016 edition

Once again, I forgot it is #SelfieArt Day today. Luckily, the lovely Kerfe (one half of the dynamic duo at Method to Madness – https://methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/ ) posted something this morning so I was reminded of it and could whip up something quick for the occasion.

If you play along and I’m not already a follower of your blog, please send me you link via the contact form at my website: http://teresarobeson.com . I will post the compilation on Monday!

Winsor & Newton watercolors on Strathmore Visual Journal paper. Sketched with Lamy 6B graphite.