Chin up #kidlitart

I drew the adult Chin-strap Penguin while watching Planet Earth II (how I love David Attenborough!) and added the baby after.

What is it? #kidlitart

Leonard’s life was constantly filled with puzzles that he could not figure out. For example, “Why do rocks crack and peep?” “Why did Teresa forget to put shadows on the ground?” “Why didn’t Target have All Dressed potato chips when we shopped there last week?”

Blah #kidlitart

Our internet died mysteriously overnight (satellite internet is THE worst…yeah, that’s you, Wildblue/Exede) so I can’t upload the art I did on the iPad. I have to resort yet again to an old piece. This one is my illustration of Alexander Pope’s poem, “On the Collar of a Dog.”

I think we all know whose dog the current president is.

Snake in disguise #illustration

Trotting out an oldie again. The title “snake in disguise” makes me think of the current administration…though I hate to malign *real* snakes because they’re actually tons better than the human variety that populate the government.

Sketches might be my new favorite app!

I doodled a bit with the Sketches app while watching The Life of Birds. Drew a quick albatross and made up a waterfowl of some sort. I really like this program!