Another challenge done

While I’m glad to be rid of the #SCBWIartober challenge, I am grateful I did it because it forced me to scribble something almost daily. Here are the last few drawings.

Day 25 “treat” was combined with day 26 “strange”

Day 27 was “broom” and day 28 was “spirit”; those got combined into this:

And finally, I combined the last three days of “bees,” “fall,” and “BOO!” into a single drawing:

That last one is pretty funny, I think.

Next week, I’ll blather on about an entirely different topic. I’m sure you’re breathlessly awaiting that. 😀

Are you my mother? #kidlitillustration

I’m channeling my favorite P.D. Eastman book, “Are You My Mother?” here. Now, before my awesome critique group buddies reprimand me for not working hard on my young adult novel that won at the #NESCBWI17 Pitchapalooza, I want to clarify that I did this drawing before I left for the conference so I’m not spending time drawing…just spending time POSTING drawings. I love my critique group buddies!

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Friends, big and small #kidlitillustration

It seems many heads of state are so into posturing to show who is the “bigger man” that they don’t even consider the idea that we could all get along…if only the heads of state weren’t lunatics and egotists.

For this piece, I started making a brownish blob that somehow turned into the bald head of an ogre-ish giant.

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An unexpected visitor #kidlitillustration

For the first time since we’ve lived at this house (18 years), we had a snake get itself stuck in our live trap for mice in the garage. And it wasn’t just stuck in the cage, the darned thing got its head stuck in one of the mesh holes. Luckily, we managed to snip a couple of the wires and it got itself unstuck and we set it back outside. I posted photos to my Facebook page but this is my little illo homage to it.

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Endure #kidlitillustration

When I do these daily pieces, I often don’t have anything in mind when I start. The great thing about making digital art is that it’s easy to erase anything I don’t like, so I approach it with abandon. It’s a freeing feeling. These days I take the oil or watercolor brush and just start making splotches and when it starts to resemble something, I refine it further in that direction. Somehow, this one ended up being an Asian boy, and I drew it partly based on one of hubby’s friends (who did his Ph.D. the same time hubby did, with the same advisor). This guy had a sign above his desk with the word “endure.” I thought it was pretty appropriate for the times, too.

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Come sail away with me #kidlitart

For those of you into 80s songs, I hope the title put an earworm in you. 😀 Happy sailing into the weekend!

And today is the last day I’ll ask you to vote for me (only if you like my Audrey drawing). Thank you!


Run free #illustration

Roam the wild grasslands and feel the wind in your mane (or hair). Happy Friday!

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It’s a jungle out there #kidlitart

I just want to hang out at home on my comfy branch with a couple of my closest friends.

If you’re so inclined, there are 3 more days of voting for Dick Blick Art Materials celebrity-inspired art contest. Mine is at . Thank you!

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