“Eh, what’s up, bug?” #kidlitillustration

I’d drawn this over a week ago (the further adventures of Mac…) but put off posting since I felt I had a poem in me that goes with it. I never did get around to writing the poem down and finally told myself, “nobody cares about your stupid poem but you aren’t posting drawings daily like you said you would.”

I yell at myself as much as I yell at the kids.

Con-CAT-enation #kidlitillustration

Or is it FROG-CAT-enation…the linking together of amphibians and felines?

I’ve not been good about keeping up with daily sketches recently as you may have noticed. Will need to remedy that soon.

Whatcha reading, cat? #kidlitillustration

Reading would certainly account for a well-developed cerebral cortex, especially the frontal lobe, and hence the enlarged cranium. Mac’s no dummy!

Mac the Cat #kidlitillustration

“The Misadventures of Macrocephaly Cat”…I’ll call her “Mac.” Heh.

I drew this a couple of nights ago while we were watching the last Jason Bourne movie and it took this long to post. Someone should nickname me “Speedy.”

To create, perchance to dream #knitting

No idle hands around here. Ever. I’m trying out a new dishcloth pattern which makes use of a controlled dropped stitch. What a clever idea!

Can I keep it? #kidlitillustration

This was the art I did for the #NESCBWI17 conference Illustration assignment.

I mounted a photocopy of this on foam board as instructed for displaying there and I had no intention of lugging the copy home with me so I tossed it in the trash when the judging was done. Another attendee walked by and asked if she could take it. Of course I gave it to her. I may not have won the contest but I think mine was the only piece that is now adorning the wall of an elementary school in New England and that is even better, IMO!