Et tu-nicate? #kidlitillustration

Son2 and I are currently studying chordates and I am just fascinated by these nonvertebrate (not “invertebrate”) chordates called tunicates. Looks like others are fascinated by it, too…or puzzled by it.

Saturday Night Fever, bear style #kidlitillustration

So many bad song riffs came to mind: “You are my dancing bees, young and sweet…”; “Bear are you going…”; “Take on bees; take bees on…”

But I had to go with the title “Saturday Night Fever, bear style” because if his pose doesn’t make you sing, “A-ah-ah-ah, stealing a hive, stealing a hive” then you must not be a child of the 70s!

Knowing me, knowing you #kidlitillustration

This is a little folk art-ish which is not usually my style but there ya have it. I do like the look on the baby’s face though.

And, yes, I had to invoke ABBA with the title. 😀

The chair is always greener #kidlitart

Someone else always has a more enviable position. We all need to remember we may, ourselves , be better off than some others.

And before Janet yells at me again, here’s the link to vote for my Audrey drawing if you like it: Voting ends April 9th and you can vote once a day. Thanks!