Doodle Day 25 #illustration and #poem

I don’t know why I drew something for day 25 and the poem scans wonky but there ya have it.

“Don’t count your chickens before the eggs have hatched”

One, two, three, four…What the dickens?
It’s smart to not
count your chickens.
Before they hatch,
each egg you view
can hide a chick
or maybe two.

Crochet, eh?

I haven’t drawn anything in a few days (bad Teresa…must draw every day to get good at it) but I have been doing some crocheting as well as re-starting a pair of knitted socks. It’s not like I’m sitting idle. Ever. 🙂

Doodle Day 10 #poem and #illustration

Doodle Day’s day 10 prompt is “beat around the bush.” And neither the poem nor illo are political! 😀 (Pssst, Russell, more bears!)

Have some fun
that can’t be beat.
Around the bush
with happy feet.
Close your eyes
and do not peek,
in a game of


Doodle Day 9 #illustration and #poem

The prompt for day 9 is “be glad to see the back of.” The poem:

A la Dorothy Parker

I’m happy to see the front of you
but glad to see the back of, too.

Unrelated doodle:


Doodle Day 8 #illustration and #poem

The idiom for day 8 is “barking up the wrong tree” and my poem is completely unrelated to the illustration. 😀

“Dumb Dog”

Get out of the toilet bowl
(it’s not your water).

You’re barking up the wrong tree
(the squirrel is over there).

Stop digging up my garden
(for an invisible groundhog).

Do you really have to pee?
At 3??

But you eat the foods I don’t like,
keep me company on a hike,
and kiss me when I fall off my bike…
I love you,
ya goofy mutt.

Doodle Day 7 #poem and #illustration

The prompt for day 7 is “ball is in your court.” I should note that the drawings don’t always correspond to the poem.

Carpe Sphera

All the stars aligned.
Things fell into place.
Ducks are in a row.
No egg upon your face.
Not a cloud in sight.
The path is shiny, too.
Ball is in your court.
What’s next is up to you.