Old bad habits die hard

While I may be pushing 52 now, I still sometimes work like I’m an irresponsible undergrad: I leave things until the last minute. (“Kids,” I tell my boys, “don’t do as I do.”)

Today is my turn to submit a story to be critiqued by my awesome sci-fi critique group, The Minnows Literary Group. I had 6 weeks to work on this, but I may not get this done until tomorrow. Will I ever learn? Will I never learn?

Here’s a snippet of my work-in-progress where I sneaked in some taxonomy because I love putting science into my fiction (and this is science fiction, after all).

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.21.47 PMThis will be a sort-of continuation of the story I had in the anthology Still Out of Time, per my friend Meg’s request. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Old bad habits die hard

  1. I totally agree that I should be early for things…gah! LOL! Luckily, for this it doesn’t matter as much because my group has to critique it even if I’m late, but, yeah, I could miss a lot of opportunities by being late. 🙂

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  2. I’m a seemingly incorrigible procrastinator. If I don’t want to do it now, then why not do it later. It gets me in trouble every time…

    I wonder when people will get database implants in their brain. It would be handy for birding. And lots of other things. If we had book implants, would we have to read them? How would we read them? I mean, how would the story unfold… would the information travel from our computer to chip to our human brain?

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