A different sort of mug

So you got to see my mug yesterday (my #selfieart), but today you’ll see my other mugs. Yup: my favorite cups to enjoy tea with.

IMG_0287(1)From left to right:
the funky mug my sister Monica bought for me at Granville Island, Vancouver;
a mug made by potter Ruth Conway, the spouse of one of hubby’s colleagues;
an awesome retro cup my friend Tom found on eBay for me;
and a big honking mug made by the Unemployed Philosophers’ Guild…I love it for the equations on the mug (and the fact that you can’t see tea stains on it), but hubby told me that they got the Fourier Transform wrong. It’s actually the inverse Fourier transform. Yes, I did email them; and, they replied thanking me for letting them know, but I don’t think they ever changed it…probably because what does it matter when it’s likely that less than 5% of the world’s population would recognize the error, and .01% of that 5%  would consider buying this mug.

These are much more fun and useful mugs than my face! 🙂

26 thoughts on “A different sort of mug

  1. I use my mug to put fear into the kids’ hearts…hah! Okay, that was only when they were toddlers. 😉 I mostly alternate between these 4. The others I resort to only if I absolutely have to. I do love the one you gave me the most (don’t tell Tom!). 😀

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  2. That sounds so cute! I don’t have any rulers from 5th grade, but I still had pencils from the 7th grade. 😀 My dad bought us a pack to use and we never did for whatever strange reason. I finally donated them this year…I figured 40 year old pencils don’t go bad, right? LOL!

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