Last but not least

A hand to hold…this is my older son’s hand. Observant readers may have noticed that he has longer and more slender fingers than I do. Both he and my other son have beautiful pianist fingers though they only played piano for about 5 years (maybe 7; I can’t remember). Its’ weird because hubby has stubby fingers and mine are average length.

This is a drawing of him eating noodles in Xi’an.


13 thoughts on “Last but not least

  1. This reminds me of an idea I had to have people of all ages print their hands on a door – then sign their age and first name by their print. It would be so cool to see the handprints of young and old – fingers stubby and slim all together, don’t you think?! Love your drawing here of your older son’s hand! So AWESOME Teresa! 😊💜🎨

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