Come, let me clutch thee…

And with spiders, I often do continue with, “I have thee not, and yet I see thee still.” 😀 Thank you, Shakespeare, whose words are as appropriate for modern day spider invasions as they were for Macbeth.



29 thoughts on “Come, let me clutch thee…

  1. We’ve got slatted fronts on the cupboards in the bathroom… a Class 7 spider (definitely no ghost!) just ran and hid inside the slats, and I’ve no way of extracting/finding him… guess I won’t be using the bathroom for a while!

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  2. Your sign language speaks volumes! ;D Love your sketch, gave me the shivers in response so it is safe to say the emotional connection is there. haha. But you are so brave, I use a piece of paper to scoop up and deliver touching….lol.

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