#SCBWIDrawThis challenge – #art close to my heart

I had a nagging feeling I forgot to post here yesterday, but didn’t really care enough to double-check until today. I was actually busy with art — finishing up some commissioned pieces and doing this illustration. It’s for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators‘ monthly challenge prompt for October – “enchanted.” I based my piece on a famous “fox maiden” of Chinese myth.

There’s no fame, glory, or reward for doing the challenge. There are so many entries, you’d be lucky if anyone actually looks at your piece (I’d bet money I get more views posting on Instagram). I do it purely for my own practice.

ENCHANTED_Teresa_RobesonMy dad had carved a beautiful stamp of my stylized Chinese name but for the life of me, I can’t find it, so had to sign my name by hand instead.

This was done with ink (Pentel Brush Pen) and Bruynzeel watercolor pencils on Strathmore multimedia sketchbook (the one Laura is so fond of).

30 thoughts on “#SCBWIDrawThis challenge – #art close to my heart

  1. Jill, you’re so sweet! I can’t remember if this character appeared in “Mirror Garden” or “Dreams Of The Red Tower” both are famous old Chinese novels. I can’t search for it very well with my terrible home internet so I’ll have to call my dad at some point and ask him. But, if you want, see if you can find summaries of the stories online.

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  2. I was heating up lunch in my kitchen today and imagining my foxy ponytail and thinking that it would be cool to be in a foxy ponytailed girl superhero group. And then I got the Jimmy Hendrix song in my head, Foxy Lady, which stuck around for a couple hours…

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  3. I don’t remember that particular commercial. Ad companies sure are good at coming up with catchy slogans and jingles. Some have been permanently branded in my mind – like ‘melts in your mouth not in your hands’… which is only true if you have cold hands. So glad my television show watching has been commercial-free for a few years now!

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