Draw a #Bird Day #art #doodlewashaday

It’s Draw A Bird Day again! How a month doth fly…like a bird. Heh. I doodlewashed an American Kestrel this time. Nina and Kerfe over at MethodTwoMadness will compile the list of participants.


I chose this bird to paint because someone recommended these graphite “paints” somewhere and I bought a set so I wanted to try them out. The tints are blue, black and sepia…perfect for this bird.


The so-called “red” wasn’t red at all! What? Anyway,  either I’m using them wrong or this set is defective because the permanent paints are really gritty. The instructions say to stir well before using but the grittiness never goes away.

34 thoughts on “Draw a #Bird Day #art #doodlewashaday

  1. Thanks, Charlie! I want one, too, and pretend I’m one of those old time falconers! 😆 Luckily, there are a lot of wild kestrels around us and I don’t actually have to try and keep one for a pet. LOL!

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  2. Wow Teresa, your Kestrel is beautiful. Love the soft hues, and the gleam in their eyes…the face is great. As for your paints, I wonder if the grittiness is intended in order to give it the textured look of graphite. Great painting though.

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