Reblog: folks who do actual good

I love this uplifting and heartwarming post and wanted to share it on my blogging day off. Makes me feel better about humanity. 🙂

Charity can be a double-edged sword, especially when practiced by people who are celebrities. It is true that their notoriety helps to highlight the issue they’re concerned with and bring it to the attention of the public, but how much difference does it make in actual fact? And how much of it is also used […]

via A helping hand — Letters from Athens

14 thoughts on “Reblog: folks who do actual good

  1. I love to see how inventive people can be. This is such a powerful video. I saw a story about mothers from America putting together backpacks and taking them to refugees from Syria. Love to see people who show their real humanity.

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  2. It’s so heart warming to see stories of people doing good for others, just because. It seems we’re saturated with stories of so-called celebrities, but we rarely hear about real heroes who make a difference. Thank you for sharing this, it made my day.


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