Comfort foods

Last I looked, it’s still cold and wintry here in southern Indiana, which means it’s still perfect weather for soups. Here are a couple of my favs…

a soupy ramen

This isn’t your average ramen though; it’s the pricey stuff recommended by author friend Debbi Michiko Florence.

This next one brings me right back to my youth. I have great memories of making wontons with my mom for wonton soup (which is always served with noodles). She would make her own fresh fish balls, too, but we’d sometimes go to a wonton house. Either way, these soups tasted amazing.

fish balls

I miss my mom’s cooking but thank goodness the Spousal Unit can cook really well.

What are your favorite soups and why?

4 thoughts on “Comfort foods

  1. I grew up in a small community. There were several Chinese restaurants and I got to eat in all of them! My main dish–noodles! I am so lucky to still live close so I can still eat my favorites. Thank you for sharing these delectable soups!

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