Homegrown #Botany, day 3

A quick reminder that tomorrow is #SelfieArt Day. I won’t be posting my selfie until next week (Tuesday, I think) along with the compiled list of those who participated. If I’m not already following your blog, just leave a comment in any of my posts and I’ll include you.

These are plants that Son1 found as discards in the biology department greenhouse.


The tall one in the center is a type of sedum (possibly Sedum morganianum). The oval leaf is from a jade plant. The other two funky looking things are Crassula lycopodioides (which go by a bunch of different common names, such as zipper plants and watch chain).

Again, thanks to Beth – http://www.flubs2fixes.com – for asking!

43 thoughts on “Homegrown #Botany, day 3

  1. So is Son hoping the jade leaf roots itself? I had a beautiful jade plant, but it was getting lanky, so I pinched the tops off. The plant died. I have two tiny tops that rooted in water. I had three, but when I planted one, it died. The two in water haven’t progressed in any way in more than a year. No new growth, no new roots. I’m thinking I need to plant them in dirt and see what happens or toss them out. I’ve always had trouble with jades, and was so happy to have one finally grow, and I’ve been kicking myself for pinching them. *looks for sad button*

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  2. We’ve not grown jade plants before, but Son1 says this will sprout laterally, so he was just going to lay it on the soil like that (but he did throw some soil over it later). I think you should definitely stick the rooted ones in dirt. Good luck with it, Carol!

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  3. I always pinch my jades…otherwise they become too top-heavy…and I stick stray leaves straight in, and they often take root. I kill plants all the time, but I’ve had great luck with jades, and cacti in general. (K)

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  4. Oh, I guess you’re right! I was thinking that if it sprouted from the sides, Son wins and if it sprouted from the end, hubby wins, but you are more correct, I believe. 🙂 I think if Son could find more of these leaves, he’d probably try the experiment!

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