I had an inkling

So I’m taking this excellent class with Tom Froese at Skillshare, and for an assignment, he wants us to assess our own art and see what we like and why.

I think for me, and for others who’ve given me feedback in the past, my ink drawings are some of my strongest works. Here are a few examples; what do you think?

polar bear
brown bear
rock hyrax
red panda
field mouse, I think?

And lastly, my attempt at making a comic…

So what do you th-ink? Is ink my strong suit? 😄

Throwback Thursday…with snakes

I was looking through our photos for something and came across these ones from 7 years ago when we relocated a timber rattlesnake. Don’t tell me we don’t know how to have a good time!

so there’s this beauty relaxing and minding its own business…but by our water garden, which is too close to our house
hubby swoops in to trap it in a cooler…that ain’t no picnic we’re having!
we went to the hilltop part of our property that adjoins state forest to release it
turns out the not-so-little fella took a liking to the cooler and had to be coaxed out slowly

Fun times was had by all! Did this remind you of any of your own cool memories?

In search of vitamin D

Well, really, it was to go to a nephew’s wedding, but hubby recently had bloodwork done and found he was exceedingly low on vitamin D, so it was a good excuse to take a mini-vacation in sunny, warm Florida.

But enough about us. How about some wildlife?

Or not so wild wildlife: urban, dumpster-diving White Ibises
a pensive Ring-billed gull (probably contemplating stealing your fries)
this Reddish Egret obligingly strutted around for us
lest you think it’s all about birds, sometimes it’s about insects (Io Moth caterpillar)
a time-step of Willets (weird collective noun fact of the day)
Gopher Tortoises go fer grass, apparently
White Ibises in their more natural habit than next to dumpsters
the Ruddy Turnstone is one of hubby’s favorite shorebirds and is also, in his opinion, an excellent name for a band
a Great Egret with its yellow socks and black leggings
Roseate Spoonbill + Reddish Egret = BBFF (best bird friends 4-evah)
if there’s one thing I know next to nothing about it’s lizards; if anyone knows what this and the one in the next photo are, tag me on Twitter and let me know, please (is this a Hispanola Stout Anole?)
Guess what? Peregrine Falcon butt! Heh!

Next time, FOOD!

Draw a #Bird Day!

I don’t know if Laura or Kerfe and Nina are collating this month, but here’s my entry for this monthly challenge. It’s an Araripe Manakin from Brazil rendered in Inktense blocks and Neocolor crayons.