In the city, Vancouver style

As promised last week, I’m sharing some scenes in, around, close to Vancouver. I hope they’ll be interesting to someone other than just me and those who’ve been there.

the quiet neighborhood around my dad’s place
and all the cute little houses

There’s a sweet plant store just down a few blocks from my dad’s place, too.

The school I attended grades 6 and 7 is now a French immersion school.

This is the school I attended for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, after we immigrated to Vancouver. I also used this school in my sci-fi short story, “The Unfillable Void,” that was published in the Out of Time anthology. The playground mentioned is on the north-west side.

I must have traveled up and down Victoria Drive, full of interesting restaurant, thousands of times.
We had lunch at Spanish Banks one day when it was low tide.
Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Classical Garden where I used to work as a docent/ticket seller…it’s still beautiful
The view from Burnaby Mountain is always amazing.
My sis and I love to eat Honey’s doughnuts and gaze out at the water at Deep Cove.

But you can get a great view right in the city of Vancouver. This is looking north from my cousin balcony.

Not all places are scenic. Some just leave me scratching my head….like the name of this eatery.

Thanks for reminiscing about my recent visit with me! What fun place will you go to this weekend?