Pollen? What pollen? #kidlitillustration

I don’t smell anything…

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Hide and Seek with Snail #kidlitart

Snails are very good at hide-and-seek.

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#Inktober2016 Day 1

For today, I’m getting a feel for the Chinese paint brushes again. I’ve not done this in even longer than watercolor landscapes. I was a teen when Dad taught me how to do Chinese painting, so it’s been almost 40 years.

I still remember how to pick up ink so that the bamboo segments have a gradation, giving them a more 3D look but I’m seriously rusty.

The Doodle Day prompt is fall and the Inktober prompt is fast, so I tried to paint a mouse with falling leaves.


Here is my arsenal:


That’s entertainment

My sister and I used to watch this show called That’s Entertainment, a compilation of movie clips from 20th Century Fox based on a particular theme each episode.

These critters’ entertainment is much more low-tech. 🙂 Hand puppets are classic, though.


Looking for love in all the wrong places

image.jpegNow I’d never call myself a country music fan but I judge songs by individual merit and not by the genre classification. So, I end up liking–no, loving–a number of country music tunes such as the one in my post title.

If you don’t know the ditty by Johnny Lee, go take a listen.

I hope you and the mouse find what you’re looking for–a spouse, a best friend, an agent, etc. Happy Sunday!

National Day of Silence #doodlewashaday #kidlitart

What could be more silent for National Day of Silence than a mouse walking a cocoon?

This is the second panel in the illustration I’m doing for something else (which I promise I’ll tell you about if it happens). I’m glad it works for today’s National Day because I wasn’t going to have time to do a painting (stories to write/review, toilets to clean, and cinnamon buns to bake).

Happy Friday!