I had an inkling

So I’m taking this excellent class with Tom Froese at Skillshare, and for an assignment, he wants us to assess our own art and see what we like and why.

I think for me, and for others who’ve given me feedback in the past, my ink drawings are some of my strongest works. Here are a few examples; what do you think?

polar bear
brown bear
rock hyrax
red panda
field mouse, I think?

And lastly, my attempt at making a comic…

So what do you th-ink? Is ink my strong suit? 😄

Past issues

I found drawings I did back in December of 2016 on my hard drive. I had a lot of anger issues over a certain event that November. Bet you can’t guess what precipitated those feelings.

But to end on a slightly upbeat note…

I don’t know why I don’t do more ink drawings. Could it be that I don’t have enough time between writing, authoring, baking, knitting, volunteering for SCBWI, 12×12, and a few more things?

No leaf left unpainted #art

More practice on painting leaves. I want to perfect the technique my dad taught me to load the brush in such a way that a leaf or a bamboo stalk have a gradation of saturation, lending a rounded, 3-dimensional look to whatever I’m painting. Not quite there yet.IMG_6493



#Inktober2016 Day 2

The thing with painting in Sumi ink on rice paper (or Chinese painting) is that there is no preliminary drawing and what you lay down is what you get. There is no correcting of anything. If you don’t plan well beforehand, your composition will be not be great. I need to plan better. It also means you have to understand precisely how to handle your brushes, the water, and the ink, and this knowledge, like with other media, comes only with lots of practice.

The prompts today are acorn (Doodle Day) and noisy (Inktober). What could be more perfect than squirrels for that? Besides, some of you always expect squirrels from me. 😉 You can see water haloes since I’d just finished and it was still wet when I took the picture:


A close-up:


#Inktober2016 Day 1

For today, I’m getting a feel for the Chinese paint brushes again. I’ve not done this in even longer than watercolor landscapes. I was a teen when Dad taught me how to do Chinese painting, so it’s been almost 40 years.

I still remember how to pick up ink so that the bamboo segments have a gradation, giving them a more 3D look but I’m seriously rusty.

The Doodle Day prompt is fall and the Inktober prompt is fast, so I tried to paint a mouse with falling leaves.


Here is my arsenal:


What a week…and not in a good way

In the past several days we had trespassers we had to call the county sheriff for, I had a couple of agent rejections, my dad has had recurring dizzy spells (he’ll be 80 next year), and a dear family friend (our age) died of cancer.

This old sketch (5 minute Inktober drawing) kind of captures how I feel right now.


That’s entertainment

My sister and I used to watch this show called That’s Entertainment, a compilation of movie clips from 20th Century Fox based on a particular theme each episode.

These critters’ entertainment is much more low-tech. 🙂 Hand puppets are classic, though.


National Tell A Story Day #doodlewashaday #kidlitart + #SelfieDay links


I’m re-using another oldie for the National Tell a Story Day, because 1) I kind of like this nearly-a-couple-of-decades old drawing, and 2)  I don’t have time to do a drawing today. Wouldn’t you like to know what story that bird is telling?

I’m so pleased that 8 people joined me in #SelfieDay this month on WordPress! **Edited to add Myriam and Birgit’s entry. Several of you went with line drawings, one of my favorite ways to do a selfie:

Susan: https://susanfeniakart.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/selfieart-day-not-really-a-doodlewashaday/

Jill: https://artjillkuhn.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/a-sketch-of-me/

Yvette: https://yvettecarol.wordpress.com/2016/04/26/selfie-art-day/

Myriam…who painted beautiful birds and shared an old selfie drawing: https://myrsbytes.com/2016/04/27/two-days-late-dna-day-and-selfieart-day/

Annie did an illustrative self portrait:

Annie: https://anniedrawsthings.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/selfieart-for-dna-day/

Charlie, Carolina and Birgit captured themselves with color:

Charlie: http://doodlewash.com/2016/04/25/national-dna-day/

Carolina: https://yesterdayafter.com/2016/04/25/national-dna-day/

Birgit: https://winterartblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/doodlewashaday-selfieday/

And for something quite different, Sharon and Kerfe gave us experimental and collage:

Sharon: https://mondaytuesdaywednesday.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/selfie-day-2/

Kerfe: https://methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/self-portrait-14-more-man-ray/

What fun it was to see everyone’s creative efforts! Go checked out these brave and talented artists’ selfies. And if I have forgotten to include yours, please let me know and I’ll update this list.

#DrawABirdDay January 2016

I could only spare 10 minutes to do a sketch for this month’s Draw A Bird Day. I thought this appropriate since I’ve been thinking about sociopathic people who deceive others for their own gain, and, sadly, con artists are not confined to humans.

This was done with a Tombow Calligraphy Pen in a 9″x12″ sketchbook.

Draw a Bird Day is the 8th of each month. I learned about it from the lovely Laura of Create Art Everyday but I forget who is compiling the list this month.


#Doodle Day August

I’m going to try doing the Doodle Day challenge again this month. Feel free to join us!

For August 2nd, the prompt was “under the bed” and I drew a dust squirrel.