Sharing knowledge

Last Friday of the month! How did that happen? This past month has been so, so busy for me. One of the things I’m doing is updating my presentation for this class at Highlights Foundation:

If you’re interested in writing nonfiction children’s literature, you won’t want to miss this class. Jen Swanson is an incredible author and teacher!

I’m also preparing talks for a couple of other appearances. One is at the MT-SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) virtual conference in October where I’ll talk about writing biographies for all ages…or at least picture books to middle grade. 😄 It will be a blast! Do join us!

And the other will be next Spring in Davenport, IA (pandemic willing). Registration and info to come.

Hope I will see some of you in one of those workshops/conferences!

I’m going to teach a class

My mom, who was a teacher, would be surprised…and pleased. I wish she were still around for me to say, don’t get your hopes up that I’ll make it a regular thing. The spousal unit is the teacher (professor) in this household. I’m just the useless trophy wife. 😂

What class, you ask? It’s called “BECOMING A NONFICTION WRITER: A TWO-PART ONLINE COURSE FEB-MAR 2021” taught virtually via the Highlights Foundation by notable author Jen Swanson.

I’ll be teaching a one hour session on “Picture Book Biographies: an overview” within this workshop. It should be a terrific event as Jen is brilliant and editor Katie Heit is equally amazing. I invite you to register if you have ever wanted to write nonfiction books for kids.