#SCBWIartober – distraction or practice?

Maybe it’s a bit of both? The last thing I needed was to add one more thing to my schedule, so I try to keep the time spent doing these drawings to under a half hour…10 minutes or less is preferable. The prompts are as follows:

Here are the first 12 in order. More to come in a couple of weeks if you can stand it. Hah!

spider; ink
magic; ink
harvest; ink
digital (Sketches app)
crow; ink
rain boot; ink – this one was done in 2 minutes!
apple; ink
black; digital (Sketches app)
costume; ink
corn; digital (Sketches app)
under; digital (Sketches app)

Have you taken on any extra challenges this month or are you wisely keeping sane? 😀 Happy weekend!

Taking a break

I’m headed to a writing workshop this week – Better Books Marin – so I’m going to take a blogging break. I’ll return to posting on the 25th for the second installment of #SelfieArt Day! Please do join us: no rules aside from creating a piece of art of yourself which can be as loosely interpreted as you want. Here’s is the blog post of the first #SelfieArt Day for some inspiration.

I’ll leave you with some Halloween illustration for today’s post…and if you think this is me, well, I’ve been called worse, I’m sure (though not to my face!). 😉

witch2015I hope to continue to post #Inktober drawings to Intagram daily, if anyone is interested.

My other (neglected) creative side

Once upon a time, I took it upon myself to create cool costumes for my kids. These days, I’m hard pressed to even hem pants, let alone sew anything fun. There are a limited number of hours in the day…

Here’s a flashback to a fun set of costumes…my older son is wearing a Scooby Doo outfit. I bought the body pattern but free-handed Scooby’s face with fabric paints. My little one is wearing a gingerbread boy costume that I created on my own. I don’t think I’d ever seen another gingerbread person costume.