Growth and a sense of hope

The events of the past week have sunk me into the depths of despair. I have done what I personally could to help out..not only my Black sisters and brothers, but also to give myself some sense of being in control when the people in power seek to take that away from us. I’ve donated to causes, signed petitions, amplified Black voices on social media, and bought books from Black creators.

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the organization I volunteer for, has put out a list of Black-owned bookstores that we can all frequent:

Black-Owned Bookstores

In my own little corner of the world, watching nature renew itself and grow, reaching with energetic optimism towards the sky also helps to calm and center me.

“What’s so funny about peas, love, and understanding?” indeed.
Using basil as perimeter defense because apparently nothing besides humans likes that stuff.
Our new asparagus bed!

Stay safe, stay sane, my friends. And hold onto hope.

I never promised you a rose garden

Hubby is practical and has become more so as he’s aged. We used to grow flowers, partly because his mom was into flowers so when she was still alive, she would encourage it and even buy us plants to put in.

But as we’d gotten into homesteading, we don’t want to bother putting in so much labor, time, and water for annuals that don’t feed us. We grow plenty of native flowering perennials which are good for wildlife and don’t require much work of us, but for ourselves, we focus on what we can eat and put away for the winter months.

It’s been a cool, wet spring, so the garden has yet to truly take off. But here are a few photos of what is growing outside of the main fenced garden…