Florida (and other) food

As I mentioned last week, we went to Florida for a wedding and a mini-vacay. And while I kept forgetting to take photos of every meal, here are a few to make you drool.

I wanted us to go to Paschal’s in Atlanta so hubby could try their terrific fried chicken, but it was going to be a bear navigating downtown during rush hour, so we ended up finding a place in Macon called The Bear’s Den where we had what hubby thinks is the best fried chicken he ever had. I was a big fan of the collard greens myself.

We knew we needed some Cuban fare while in Florida, so we looked for a place close to the hotel.

Got a Cuban sandwich and fried plantains. Mmmm. Hit the spot!

The wedding menu was pretty scrumptious, too.

The mixed greens bouquet was as pretty as delicious. The lighting was kind of dim though. Should have used the flash.
Main course…pardon my phone shadow (hmmm, sounds like a Cat Stevens song…).

After heading to Sanibel Island, we had the “seafood trio” at a couple of different restaurants. I forgot to take a photo from the first place, but this is the one from the second place, The Sandbar. It was darned good!

On the way home, we couldn’t make it to The Bear’s Den before it closed (at 6pm!?!) so we thought we’d give Zaxby’s a try. We didn’t realize it was fast food. It wasn’t bad, but we’ll probably not go back any time soon.

I just made myself really hungry.

And then there’s the food!

Or, really, that should be: But first there’s the food! Most people want to know about the sights though. This last post of my Christmas D.C. trip has some random food photos.

Ethiopian food IS THE BEST!!!! Seriously.
Japanese-American fusion
I love cheesecake, and I cannot lie.
Pakistani packs a punch! So delish.

Have I made you drool or maybe start singing, “Food, glorious food!”?

Food, you say? Why not, I say

I thought I had one or two more posts about Vancouver, but I lost that note where I’d written the topics down and I can’t remember what they were based on the remaining photos, so I’ll wander off to another topic: food. Food is always my favorite topic anyway. Let me share the gastronomic delights from my visit to L.A. to see a dear friend and for the SCBWI conference!

First up, ramen lunch with my sweet friend Grace at Ko-Ryu Ramen

Then it was dinner from The Standing Room where we ordered some special fries and Korean burger…

After that, it was off to the SCBWI conference where I had lunch at Katsuya with my friends and IN-SCBWI team members, Angie Karcher and Diane Bradley!

yummiest brussell sprouts ever
my sashimi bowl
Diane’s bento “box”
Angie had sushi rolls
Special Sunday lunch at the conference
One last meal before leaving L.A. (which made me sing the Deliverance song…and that is a good place to end)

The holidays, NYC edition: Part 1, the food

Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2019 will turn out to be a good year for you, however you wish to define good. 

Friends of mine went on vacation to Thailand over the holidays and offered their NYC apartment to stay in for free in exchange for cat sitting. What an absolute deal since I love cats anyway and we were able to save a ton by not having to pay for a hotel for 10 days!

one of the kitties

As long time followers would appreciate, of course the first post about NYC would be about the foods we ate. I started this whole blog all because of food, after all. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next blog, I’ll share some museum highlights…which are not nearly as tasty as food, but humans do not live on food alone (well, I could, but some people prefer more than just food). 😀

Homemade pasta…an incredibly good thing

One of the things that’s great to make when you have happy, productive chickens (or inherit a lot of eggs instead of money from your eccentric Aunt Bertha) is fresh pasta. I don’t make it often only because I’m lazy. It’s easy to make but takes a long time (or maybe I just work slow?).

Weighing out the flour on my Escali scale (love that thing!).

IMG_0298Rolling out the dough on the Atlas pasta roller…

IMG_0299And, finally, the meal hubby made with the pasta…

IMG_0300It was one of the best meals I’ve had…and hubby cooks many great meals. 🙂

There is pie

2015-07-28 15.37.52When disappointments come your way,
there is pie.

When even your best friend starts to annoy you,
there is pie.

When you spend the whole morning battling cobwebs in the garage,
there is pie.

When there is no sunshine or roses,
there is pie.

Pie makes it all better. Especially chocolate peanut butter pie!

A new year, a new project

And I intend to call it “What’s for Dinner?”

Reading the WordPress blog post about other people’s year-round themed blog projects so inspired me that I decided I’d do something of my own. Granted, this is probably something only I, and maybe my sister and my husband, will be interested in, but ev, as the kids say these days.

My memory is so bad lately that I often joke, “I don’t even remember what I had for dinner yesterday.” Well, I can remedy that! If I took a photo of what I had for dinner every night in 2013 and posted it, I will have no excuse because I can just look it up here.

So the countdown begins…it’s December 29th, 2012. I’ll officially start posting in three more days.

(And hopefully, by then, I’ll also have figured out how to allow comments on these blog posts. I’m such a WordPress newbie; I can do practically anything on Blogger but WP is a total mystery.)