New, shiny things

It took about a half hour total, with a LOT of interruptions (like a full day of doing other unrelated things), to get this quick sketch-painting done.


I free-handed it mostly with a #8 filbert brush, adding a few details (like the eyes) with a #5 round. d’Alembert was a French polymath who was featured on the Physics Today Facebook page. I loved the oil portrait of him so much that I wanted to recreate it with the new water-media and paper I’d recently purchased on the recommendation of Laura (Create Art Everyday).

Here’s the pad of paper, which is only 5×7″:


And the paints:


I’m not used to the ultra-smooth texture of the paper and was a little annoyed at the beading that happened when my brush was on the wet side. And I guess I’m not using the Inktense blocks properly because the colors are not very ink-tense. LOL! But, I’ll keep trying.