Birthday #illustrations

Following the example of my extremely talented friend Julie Rowan-Zoch, I’d been whipping up drawings to celebrate the birthdays of Facebook friends. Don’t tell anyone, but doing the illustrations is really more for me to work my drawing muscles than it is for the birthday boy or girl, though I’m glad friends appreciate it (the acquaintances don’t give a flying [squirrel], but I post greetings on their pages, too, regardless).

Mostly, they’re squirrel-themed, and lately, they’re specifically Doris and Larry themed because there is no birthday wish that can’t be made better with a squirrel and frog.


International Dot Day

Started by Peter Reynolds in his book THE DOT, this has blossomed into an annual event touting a “you can do it” attitude. Hop on over to Patricia Tilton’s Children’s Books Heal and Beth Stilborn’s blogs to read more about it.

This is my contribution that I whipped up while eating lunch and watching a geometry course with my younger son. If multitasking lowers one’s I.Q., I am now solidly in the single digits range. Oh, and I don’t recommend drawing with the sketchpad on your lap while eating.