National Arbor Day #doodlewashaday #botany

There are some people who contend planting a tree is good no matter what tree it is; others who’ve studied ecology counter that, in fact, you could do more harm than good by planting invasive non-native trees.

My son, the future ecologist, is in the second camp. For Arbor Day (a day late since I was in town and busy all day yesterday), I’d like to feature one of his favorite plants, which is more of bush than a tree, but close enough: the Eastern Wahoo.


Here’s what Horticulture magazine had to say about it (bold is my emphasis):

Wahoo  (Euonymus atropurpureus) is an excellent North American native. An alternative to the invasive burning bush (Euonymus alatus), this tough plant can be managed as a small specimen tree (30 by 30 feet) or as a thicket/hedge (9 to 12 feet) for privacy with renewal pruning. It can grow in full sun to partial shade and in wet to dry soils. This makes it an excellent candidate for rain gardens that are occasionally flooded. The late spring flowers are a deep maroon; they are small but stunning on close examination. The fall color is a delicate pink. Once the foliage drops, the red fruits inside light pink capsules will stop traffic. Seeds are a preferred bird food during winter months. USDA Zones 4–9.

Native range: Eastern half of North America


National Tell A Story Day #doodlewashaday #kidlitart + #SelfieDay links


I’m re-using another oldie for the National Tell a Story Day, because 1) I kind of like this nearly-a-couple-of-decades old drawing, and 2)  I don’t have time to do a drawing today. Wouldn’t you like to know what story that bird is telling?

I’m so pleased that 8 people joined me in #SelfieDay this month on WordPress! **Edited to add Myriam and Birgit’s entry. Several of you went with line drawings, one of my favorite ways to do a selfie:




Myriam…who painted beautiful birds and shared an old selfie drawing:

Annie did an illustrative self portrait:


Charlie, Carolina and Birgit captured themselves with color:




And for something quite different, Sharon and Kerfe gave us experimental and collage:



What fun it was to see everyone’s creative efforts! Go checked out these brave and talented artists’ selfies. And if I have forgotten to include yours, please let me know and I’ll update this list.

National Picnic Day #doodlewashaday

I’m getting lazy in my old age (hah…I’m always lazy). I didn’t do a doodlewash yesterday and I’m reusing an old piece today. Also, I’m only posting today because I didn’t post any of my art yesterday. It’s not the best weather for a picnic today here, but where these squirrels live, it is. 🙂 Happy Saturday!


National Day of Silence #doodlewashaday #kidlitart

What could be more silent for National Day of Silence than a mouse walking a cocoon?

This is the second panel in the illustration I’m doing for something else (which I promise I’ll tell you about if it happens). I’m glad it works for today’s National Day because I wasn’t going to have time to do a painting (stories to write/review, toilets to clean, and cinnamon buns to bake).

Happy Friday!


World Penguin Day (sort of #doodlewashaday)

I was going to do a drawing for National Reach As High As You Can Day (wacky), but I’m plumb out of time and want to work on revising a picture book manuscript instead. Sooo, I’m going to reuse an old drawing (not quite a doodlewash; sorry, Charlie!) for World Penguin Day instead. It also teaches a good lesson: never accept rides from monkey! Hah!


National Ferret Day #doodlewashaday

Charlie O’Shields ( is running a month of “national celebrations in art” challenge. I’m not sure I’ll play along every day (especially since I don’t want to blog on weekends), but I’ll try to join in on the weekdays. My Grand Idea that I was going to do this month? I’ll save it for May, which is my birthday month, so it’ll be extra special. Or not. Who knows?

Today, I’m cheating a bit (because it’s my day off, dang it) by sharing an oldie for National Ferret Day.