Guess what? It’s #BirdDay #NatureDoodlewash !

Today, the 8th, is the monthly Bird Day on WordPress. And because it works well for #naturedoodlewash, all the better! This was actually the first painting I did (a couple of weeks ago) with the Winsor & Newton watercolour markers my sister gave me for my birthday but I saved it for today so I could use it for Bird Day.

You know what they say: “Waste not, kill two birds, but not literally.” I made that up in case you couldn’t tell.

FullSizeRender(6)If you want to join in the fun, go let the lovely Laura (at Create Art Everyday) know!

Leaves of a different sort

This one is by request of Laura (Create Art Everyday).  There is a 30-day drawing leaves challenge going on and I mentioned that the kids and I used to make ceramic leaf plates, so she requested to see some. Here they are:


For the birds

Okay, I am officially overwhelmed, taxed out, and behind on everything. I wish I had desserts to sustain me, but, instead, I have the spelled-backwards version. 😛

So, for the 8th of the month bird day theme – thank you Laura (Create Art Everyday) for telling me about it! – I am just going to share an oldie. This is one I did over ten years ago of American Goldfinches. If I recall correctly, it’s done in watercolor and colored pencils.