A little bubbly

Some people celebrate with champagne bubbly, I celebrate with this other kind of bubbly:

Sourdough. Tasty and my body doesn’t react weirdly to it like it does to alcohol.

I made a few things with the discard because I’m an immigrant who inherited my mom’s motto of “never waste food” (she lived through WWII as a kid and never forgot about starving until the day she died), and can’t throw out perfectly good starter.

What am I celebrating? Well, I still can’t tell you because, again, publishing. But let’s toast with sourdough, shall we?

Can we re-start the year?

Maybe that’s what I was hoping when I decided to make Stolle de Noel again.

It’s a bread I usually only make during the Christmas holidays as a special treat, but since I still had candied citrus peels in the freezer (I usually candy and then freeze a big batch when I do it), I decided I’d make another batch.

And maybe this magical bread will re-start the year and make it not so sucky?

rolling out the dough…homemade almost paste in the back
second rise

The neighbors were very happy to receive a delivery of this delicious bread!

Tis the season for…part 1

There are two foods that we usually make this time of year. The first is Stolle de Noel, which I’ve blogged about before. Dear friends who used to live in town taught us how to make this. John has since passed away from cancer, so I think of it as homage to him when I make this bread for the season.

So good…and not super hard. It just takes an entire day, but that’s the nature of bread-making. I candy my own citrus peels for this, which makes it extra special.

Homemade Bread Day

A little bird named Charlie over at Doodlewash.com told us that it’s National Homemade Bread Day. For the lack of anything to post, I though I’d share a photo of the no-knead artisan bread that I make every week. The loaf in the back is the ugly duckling, but we love it all the same.