Guess what? It’s #BirdDay #NatureDoodlewash !

Today, the 8th, is the monthly Bird Day on WordPress. And because it works well for #naturedoodlewash, all the better! This was actually the first painting I did (a couple of weeks ago) with the Winsor & Newton watercolour markers my sister gave me for my birthday but I saved it for today so I could use it for Bird Day.

You know what they say: “Waste not, kill two birds, but not literally.” I made that up in case you couldn’t tell.

FullSizeRender(6)If you want to join in the fun, go let the lovely Laura (at Create Art Everyday) know!

Draw a #Bird Day!

I don’t know if Laura or Kerfe and Nina are collating this month, but here’s my entry for this monthly challenge. It’s an Araripe Manakin from Brazil rendered in Inktense blocks and Neocolor crayons.


For the birds

Okay, I am officially overwhelmed, taxed out, and behind on everything. I wish I had desserts to sustain me, but, instead, I have the spelled-backwards version. 😛

So, for the 8th of the month bird day theme – thank you Laura (Create Art Everyday) for telling me about it! – I am just going to share an oldie. This is one I did over ten years ago of American Goldfinches. If I recall correctly, it’s done in watercolor and colored pencils.