May is apparently Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. I’ve been showcasing some AAPI creators over in my author Instagram account. And for this blog post, I want to share an interesting book I read recently.

While interesting, it’s heavy on the entertainment side. I don’t think I saw anything about scientists, sadly.

But it’s written with tons of humor and in a variety of styles…infographics, interviews, etc.

This spread of a “typical” asian home is hilarious. If you can’t see item number 1, it says “Shoes removed by the door, because we’re not barbarians.” And that’s pretty much us in a nutshell. LOL!

I want to share one more spread because it’s an interview of 2 of my favorite asian comics creators, Greg Pak and Gene Luen Yang. As a fan of comic books, I’d like to see more Asian representation there.

If you like to learn about all the super talented AAPI thespians, athletes, and others in the arts arena, then this book is for you! Me, I like to learn more about scientists and doctors. Maybe they’ll do a book focused on that segment of the population next.

Happy weekend!

#AsianAmericanCreators at the L.A. #SCBWI

A shout-out to some of my favorite Asian-American creators I was lucky enough to meet in person at this year’s big Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators conference. I’m missing photos with Paula Yoo and Debbie Ohi (ahem, I need you to send me those photos…LOL!).

At the Regional Team dinner, I got to hang out with Dow Phumiruk, author, illustrator and doctor extraordinaire!

Then I ran into my idol Salina Yoon who has been giving me such encouragement for years, I feel like I wouldn’t have survived this long in publishing without her!

At the Woodstock themed party, I got to hang out with some awesome illustrators, from right to left: Salina again (can’t get enough of that lovely woman), my fellow We Need Diverse Books mentee, Joanne Wong…who is a Chinese-British illustrator living in Hong Kong, my place of birth!…and talented Suzanne Kaufman (honorary Asian for this photo).

And at a dinner at the end of the conference, I sat next to a wonderful new friend whom I met in the 12×12 Picture Book Challenge, Helen Wu.

And I forgot to take a photo with Debbie Michiko Florence…again…I forgot to take one at the Kweli conference, too. D’oh. Next time, Debbie!