National Superhero(ine) Day #doodlewashaday

I spend the morning at the last physical therapy session for my frozen shoulder and grocery shopping, so my time is precious this afternoon, and I can either spend it drawing or working on some writing. I’m choosing the latter, so for National Superhero/ine Day, I’m posting a piece I’d done a year and a half ago. It was not long after I bought the ArtStudio app for the iPad and I was still playing with it, trying to figure out how it worked. I drew this with my (shaky) finger as it was before I bought a stylus.

I’m a huge superhero(ine)/comic book fan. I started watching the old Adam West Batman shows in Hong Kong when I was about 7 years old and was a DC fan for many years. Then friends of my sister got us into the X-Men, and I’ve been hooked by Marvel since. But enough reminiscing…I have real writing (as if) to do.

scarlet witch

A birthday greeting

Today is the birthday of Sylvia Liu, a dear friend of mine, a talented writer and illustrator, and an all-around nice person! She’s also part of my picture book critique group called the Penguin Posse. I’ve made it a point to draw a penguin-themed birthday greeting for all my Penguin sisters, so this one is for Sylvia.


Taking a break

I’m headed to a writing workshop this week – Better Books Marin – so I’m going to take a blogging break. I’ll return to posting on the 25th for the second installment of #SelfieArt Day! Please do join us: no rules aside from creating a piece of art of yourself which can be as loosely interpreted as you want. Here’s is the blog post of the first #SelfieArt Day for some inspiration.

I’ll leave you with some Halloween illustration for today’s post…and if you think this is me, well, I’ve been called worse, I’m sure (though not to my face!). 😉

witch2015I hope to continue to post #Inktober drawings to Intagram daily, if anyone is interested.

By popular demand

The people have spoken and they wanted more oldies! I am relieved that I don’t have to crank out something new for today because I just spent an hour washing green beans (and about to spend another hour on the second basket), and they still have to be snapped and the canning jars and equipment washed/sterilized…and I’ve not gotten around to bathroom-cleaning yet. The excitement is killing me! At least I’m done with the 3 loads of laundry today.hamster 4.31.33 PM


You really didn’t need to see anything new from me, right?

chameleonMaybe this will be my last blast-from-the-past playing-with-Art-Studio post; maybe it won’t. I’ll keep you guessing. 😉

The hours are sneaking by me…

…just like this ferret. Another oldie from a Doodle Day challenge when I was first playing with the Art Studio app (which is an excellent app for the price; thanks to my friend Sylvia Liu who recommended it to me). ferret


Almost missed a day

I didn’t get much drawing done today, so I’m sharing yet another old piece. I drew this shortly after getting the Art Studio app on the iPad and was still playing around with it, getting used to it. I’m surprised that it’s not as bad as I remembered. 🙂