#Inktober2017 Day 7 “shy” @drawonapostit #doodle

3 feet shy of a goal…it’s hard being short!


Toasty toes

Starting to knit a new pair of socks makes me happier than doing another drawing…plus, what will keep me warm in winter? Not some marks on a piece of paper, that’s for sure! Unless I’m throwing the paper into the woodstove…

Exciting news

While it seems like I’ve been mostly slacking off for a while, I have actually been hard at work writing, revising, and submitting my stories. And I’m thrilled to announce that the hard work has resulted in my getting an agent: the wonderful Natascha Morris of BookEnds Literary Agency!

Here’s the official announcement on Twitter:

Day 1 #Inktober “swift”

A super rushed doodle of a yarn swift. I hope I’m the only one who did this take on “swift”…that would make up for a lame, hurried drawing. Heh.

A shawl thing

It’s almost done…final-freaking-ly! It will be gifted to a dear friend who admired it when she was visiting recently.

I realized while making this how much I dislike crocheting compared with knitting. I’ll still crochet but I will grouse about it. 😜

The yarn is dyed by my friend Robin. Go check out her wonderful Etsy shop!