#100dayproject day 9 really

So I’m a genius and used “day 3” twice so this is really day 9 and not 8. I drew this for the SCBWI Draw This prompt of “naked” but didn’t bother entering it. I actually did it yesterday but it was too dark to take a photo to post.



#100dayproject day 7 it’s just play

I keep looking at this, wanting to add more to it, thinking it’s incomplete…had to remind myself that there is no #100dayproject police and that I’m ONLY doing this for fun.



#100dayproject day 6 doggone

Before I knew it, our pup grew up…and then she died at the age of 4 from what was probably a tick-borne disease. Yeah, we still miss her.


#100day project day 4 I’d rather be reading

When you’re in a hurry and the image doesn’t flow out of your fingers the way you saw it in your head…and you would rather be reading…but whatever


#100dayproject day 3: because it was my birthday

I skipped doing a piece of art yesterday because 1) no pressure, remember? and 2) it was my birthday and I spent the day like this squirrel (at least mentally).


#100dayproject day 3 #MothersDay

What is a mother but eternal love? It isn’t always from the one who gave birth to you.

Drawn with Faber-Castell Pitt Charcoal.

#100dayproject day 2 #geese

As much grief as they gave me at the time, I rather miss the geese we used to have. Largo, Jemima, and Doodle had attitude…I could stand to imitate the audacity of geese.

#100DayProject maybe

Laura (see her beautiful Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/createarteveryday ) encouraged me to give the #100DayProject a try and I’m going to attempt it.

She said there are no rules so I may take breaks here and there and not do it for consecutive days.

I want to just do art with no expectations or pressure. My theme will be “things I love” which also goes with the blog theme of “one good thing,” I feel.

To start off today, I used Intense blocks and painted a little quokka (about 5×6”) on Strathmore 140lb watercolor paper (Visual Journal). Quokkas always make me smile. Do they you?