About the project

Welcome to my 365-Day Project. In 2013, I did a “What’s for Dinner?” theme, though that put undue burden on hubby since he’s the cook in the family.

For 2014, I’m going to do something akin to a pictorial gratitude blog by posting one thing per day that struck me as being particularly good – either rewarding, or is good news, or maybe just something that didn’t totally suck on a particularly bad day.

I’d love to read about your “good thing” for the day in the comments of each of my daily entries!

To see my regular blog, go to http://homesteadnotes.blogspot.com. Thanks!


14 thoughts on “About the project

  1. What a great idea, kind of like a journal women have kept for years in notebooks, only sharing with the world. I’m interested in what is in the glass in your background picture?


  2. Thanks, Katherine! I have to say that the first one was unspectacular because sauerkraut doesn’t photograph at the best of times and then night time is also the worse time to photograph…and so, dinner looks like a gelatinous mess. LOL!


  3. Pat, it is so hard to remember all the meals, day in and day out, isn’t it? It is definitely soup weather right now; it’s one of the few things I really like about winter: the need for a bowl of hot soup. 🙂 Hubby just whipped up the salmon chowder without a recipe. I’m lucky to be married to a talented cook.


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