Birds of different feathers

Wildflowers and garden seedlings aren’t the only things that brighten our spring. All the birds that return to our area to breed bring us great joy, too. Here are just a few of them.

Baltimore Orioles are sunsets with wings.
Gray Catbirds are far bolder than they would seem likely to be at first glance.
If paintings came alive, they would be Indigo Buntings.
Every year, the Eastern Phoebes build a nest above our back door light and poop all over it.
Their “FEE-bee” calls are distinctive as are their markings and tail-wagging.
I would be more annoyed at their poopy messes if they weren’t so darned cute.

But it’s not just the fancy out-of-towners; some of the locals are pretty cool, too.

Some people don’t like Common Grackles but we think they’re fascinating with mesmerizing eyes.
One of our favorites is the Eastern Towhee. With their adorable “drink your teeeeeea” call and their chicken-scratching moves, they are always fun to watch. Last year, we had a Spotted Towhee on our property and people swarmed from all over to see it.

What are some of your spring favorites?