3 Vegetables that We Grow Well

It seems like everyone has certain plants that they grow well. What thrives in our garden is not necessarily what do well in other people’s. It depends on the condition of the soil, the prevalence of pests, and, at times, total random chance.

Three of the vegetables we’re able to grow well are peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes. The Spousal Unit grows a variety of peppers, from banana to bell to jalapeño to poblanos. For eggplants, we prefer the sleek and delicate Japanese variety over the rotund and seedy Italian type.

Look! They’re flowering already.

Look at how gorgeous the eggplant blossoms are! Why spend money on annual flowers that don’t feed you when eggplants provide food for both the eyes and stomach? Same with okra. They have flowers that are absolute show stoppers. It’s not like it’s super easy to grow eggplants; we have to wage a constant battle on flea beetles. But they are fairly easy to start and SO has discovered an excellent way to preserve them, so we’re still enjoying last year’s crop.

Ah, and the happiness-inducing green of the tomato seedling! I’m not looking forward to 200 hours of canning and dehydrating later in the summer but for now, I will admire their youthful loveliness.

We’ve saved the plastic pots of seedlings that we bought over the years and SO starts his veggies in them until they disintegrate.

Do you have a garden? What veggies do well for you?


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