Start your gardening engines!

Even before the Purple Finches and Dark-eyed Juncos have migrated north, the Spousal Unit feels spring in his bones and starts plants indoors. He has a fairly simple set up of heat mats and regular fluorescent lights. And when the seedlings have grown to a certain size, he toughens them up with a slight breeze from a small fan.

Shortly after sprouting on February 26th.
Less than a month later.
Kids…they grow up so fast. *sniffle*
This year, he decided to increase the growing space by getting a new mat and lights for another set-up in the utility room.

When the weather warms a bit more, like it has recently, if only for a few days, SU takes them out to acclimatize them.

Those onions have gotten into their rebellious long-haired teen years.

You might wonder what we grow? As I like to tell people, it’d be easier to tell you what we don’t grow because that list would be a lot shorter.

How about you? What does your garden grow?


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