More #SCBWIartober

What?? It’s Friday? I completely lost track of time. The important thing is that I show up to important appointments on time (like classes I have to teach), but otherwise, the days are a blur.

This week, I have a few more quick, daily (mostly daily) SCBWI “Artober” prompt drawings to share.

Day 13 was “nest”

Day 14 was “feast”

Day 15 was “worm”

Day 16 was “book nook”

Day 17 was “crunchy”

Day 18 was “full moon”

Day 19 was “scarf”

Day 20 was “basket” (or “basket case” here…)

Day 21 was “bat” (in case you don’t get it, she’s batting away the annoying person preventing her from reading)

Day 22 “weird weather” was combined with day 23 “ride”

Day 24 was “parade”

And that’s all she wrote for this week, folks! One more batch of drawings to share with you (the challenge mercifully ends on the 31st) and then it’s on to other boring things. 😀