A Fall garden update

Happy Autumnal Equinox! Here’s a brief garden update.

Not a part of the garden, but the Spousal Unit has gone a bit mad propagating figs.
The grapevine has recovered nicely after he hacked it back earlier this year to save the fence.
Yes, that’s a tiny watermelon dangling in mid-air.
We will have enough butternut squash to feed a small country.
Ditto the acorn squash.
Here’s what that squash plot looks like from above. A bear could be hiding underneath and we wouldn’t know it. The tall, dry stalks are the remnants of corn.
The chicks are growing nicely eating the veggie compost. Waste not, and all that.

The tomato and bean plants look ragged but are still producing, as are the eggplants. Unfortunately, voles, ground hogs, rabbits, and other critters have ensured that we have very little fall crops. It’s depressing, but at least we have a good bit of green beans and tomatoes put up for the year.

What’s in the root cellar…doesn’t include all the veggies we froze.