And lastly, the critters of Vancouver

It was nice to see an abundance of Swallowtail butterflies. But since I never caught a photo of the underside of their wings, we couldn’t tell whether these specimens are the Canadian Tiger Swallowtails or Western Tiger Swallowtails. They’re gorgeous, whichever species they might be.

at the rose garden on Burnaby Mountain
on some random, roadside at Deep Cove

I think this is a painted turtle we found at the Dr Sun Yat Sen Chinese Classical Garden…but I don’t know. Any herpetologists in the audience? There aren’t very many turtles (being quiet…haha) on the western front.

And bizarrely, there was this dead (probably baby) bird. It looked like it might have fallen from a nest and was stomped on by pedestrians who didn’t notice it. Such are the little cruelties of life.

Lastly, I was was taken by this trimmed cedar (or juniper…can’t remember which) outside of a church which reminded me of the plants in Peter Brown’s book, The Curious Garden. Go look it up…you’ll see what I mean.

We’re done with the vacation flashback and will resume with the regular programming next week. 😀 Wishing you a weekend as wild and wonderful as this plant!