Vacations are exhausting

I got back from visiting family in Vancouver, British Columbia, under a week ago. Family visits are not so much vacation as eating lots of good food and returning to my old haunts while enduring stress. My dad, sister, and cousins live far away enough that I only visit but once a year. And every year, the schedule goes like this:

  1. spend the first couple of days gorging on dim sum while being lazy and getting over jet-lag
  2. do a few things things while trying not to be annoyed with my father
  3. at the one week mark, I wonder if the whole trip was worth it and vow I won’t return next year
  4. spend the last few days trying to cram in everything we didn’t get to do for the first 1.5 weeks

Rinse; repeat.

Anyway, I’m wiped from vacation and then wiped from trying to catch up this week, so I’ll leave you with a resting squirrel (pretend it’s me) and will be back next with with Vancouver photos.

Hope your July is going well!