Consolidation is the name of the game

This game isn’t nearly as fun as Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit, but it’s much more useful. In taking the Kids Comics Unite Intensive (technically the Kids Comics Intensive) Part II: Marketing & Business and consulting with teacher, agent Janna Morishima, I decided to make my life a little easier by consolidation.

Two geese were not better than one.

I’ve already given up my Facebook author page (and am trying to get rid of my personal page there, too), and I’m going to stop posting to my author Instagram account, keeping my first and personal one only. I also intend to consolidate this blog with my website. I’ll keep posting here for a while longer because I do love the fact that it has a community (random WordPress bloggers have stumbled into my blog before) and it can automatically share to other social media.

BUT, keeping everything on my website will make things better in the long run (or so I’m told). The other advantage is that I can post videos to my blog, a feature that I don’t have here. Not that I have current plans to post videos, but it could be helpful in the future.

What about you? Have you been wanting to simplify your life or you a happy maximalist?