Short and sweet

No, that’s not a description of me (the first part fits but the second part doesn’t). Rather, it’s my philosophy with a lot of things. Don’t take 10 sentences to say what can be said with one. It doesn’t come naturally for me, of course; I have to self-edit a lot in order to be compact in my presentations, to say my thoughts in small but coherent chunks that don’t leave people’s eyes glazed over.

Of course, I’m not the worst offender. I try to keep pithiness in mind. There are many others who, as my father-in-law was fond of saying, have “diarrhea of the mouth.” They operate with no sense of censorship of what comes out of their mouths–going on and on, sometimes repeating themselves and sometimes repeating what others have already said. And I will admit, my eyes do glaze over (if I’m not actually rolling them hard).

I saw a great quote from the James Clear newsletter recently that encapsulates this idea and applies it more broadly:
“Great work resists compression.

Great explanations are short, but potent.

Great software delivers the same outcome in fewer clicks.

Great manufacturing processes create products in less time and with less waste.

The shape of genius is simplicity.”

What do you think? Do you agree that there’s beauty in simplicity or do you prefer ostentatiousness?