Public Service Announcement

Someone on Facebook (yeah, I’m still unsuccessfully trying to extricate myself from that place) shared a post about dog that died in a tragic and preventable death.

Apparently, the OP had finished cleaning her windows with Windex and a paper towel, and tossed the paper towel in the trash where her dog got a hold of it and ate it. According to the post, Windex contains an ingredient that’s like antifreeze and the dog died after ingesting the paper towel tainted with the ingredient.

I’ve not verified how much of an amount of antifreeze is enough to kill a dog and I don’t know what size that dog was. But if it was, indeed, what killed it, and a seemingly small amount of it can kill a dog, shouldn’t the bigger question be: why are people using this product?

It’s understandable to care only if one’s beloved pet dies, but it’s also a very narrow focus. What a citizen of the planet should be wondering is: why would I want to throw out paper stained or soaked with antifreeze-like chemicals that, if ingested, can kill all kinds of other animals roaming a landfill?

And there is such an easy and inexpensive solution. Don’t buy Windex. Distilled white vinegar does just as good a job cleaning windows (and mirrors; I can attest to that). Pour some in a spray bottle, and voilà! Some people recommend using newsprint paper as a wipe, I use a regular cotton or microfiber cloth that I wash and reuse. It’s seriously cheap…and it doesn’t kill dogs that I know of.

Distilled white vinegar is unbelievably inexpensive.

Why not make a change for the better and stop buying that toxic stuff?