My latest project

I found a partial, messy ball of yarn in my stash. If I recall right, I bought this to make something for my mom in the year or so before her death.

Because she had myelodysplastic syndrome, a type of leukemia, she had to received both blood transfusions and dialysis and was often feeling cold. Because it’s been 12 years since her death, I don’t remember what exactly I ended up making for her…a couple of short scarves, maybe?

Anyway, I know it’s not yarn I bought for myself since it’s a color my mom loved but it’s not my style. Still, I have this fairly large ball and I need to use it. So, I look through one of my many One Skein Wonders books, a series put out by Storey Publishing, and found this lovely pattern that calls for silk yarn.

I don’t often work with silk yarn, but, as you can imagine, it’s got an excellent feel to it. I hope I’ll do it justice! We’ll see what happens.

As with most projects, I have had to rip it out twice already after getting to about the 5th row and realizing I messed it up somehow. I feel like that’s a metaphor for life and most things that we tackle in life. I’ll share a photo of the finished project when I’m done…maybe on Instagram or Twitter. But give me about a month…I’m a slow knitter.

Happy weekend! What will you be creating?

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