Books improve the world

Thinking about gifts for the holidays? I may be biased but I think there’s nothing better than the gift of books…unless it’s food. Food is definitely better than books. Sorry, books. But since I’m an author, I’m going to recommend you buy books, instead of food, as gifts. 😃

And if you’re wanting to get inspirational or fun picture books for the youngest on your list, might I recommend mine? They can be found at the Bookshop site of my local indie, Morgenstern Books, or anywhere you buy books online. Hopefully, your in-person indie will have it, too.

Speaking of the spirit of giving, I recently asked author Russell James about The Minnows Literary Group’s donations to Doctors Without Borders. The Minnows is my science fiction critique group, with Russell at the helm. We’d put together 4 anthologies of our stories and sold them for 99 cents each. They sold so well that over the course of 6 years, we were able to raise over $6,000 for DWB/MSF.

The anthologies are no longer available for purchase, but you can see some of the reviews at Goodreads…Out of Time, Still Out of Time, In A Land Far Away, and Centauri Station.