The (non) family jewels

This month, I thought I was going to be busy with writing for NaNoWriMo, and therefore I would just showcase the jewelry I’ve made in the past on social media. Turns out, I’m busy doing a number of other things (attending webinars/online classes, giving interviews, addressing copy edits on one of my books, etc.) and have gotten very little done on NaNo. But I have showcased a few piece of jewelry on Instagram and Twitter. Um, yay?

Anyway, that’s about all I have time for to share on the blog this week. I plan to gift or sell many of these pieces because I have so much jewelry, I can’t wear them all. Also, I’m going to (like with my soap-making) give up the hobby once I deplete my supplies. Not only don’t I have time to work on making wearable art, but since I don’t officially sell anything, they just pile up at home. Plus, my hands are getting old and stiff, and my eyes aren’t what they were in my younger years.

“The Chips are All In” – made with fresh water pearl chips, dyed green + Swarovski crystals
“On Aegean Shores”
“Lapis of Luxury” – SOLD!
“Twice as N-Ice”
“Everything’s Coming Up Rose Pearls” – with fresh water pearls dyed pink

And it’s back to work for me now. Have a great weekend, everyone!