Marvel-ous…and a bit of DC

With all the recent talk about Shang-shi (and the popularity of Marvel movies), it prompted me to go gaze lovingly at the comic book collection that the Spousal Unit and I have, and I thought you might want to gaze lovingly at them along with me. Or am I over-estimating how many nerdy people read my blog?

The classics:

Still waiting for the big screen adaptation* of this:

And the collection I started on my own:

If you’re salivating over these and thinking how cool I am instead of going “Whaaa?”, then we can be best buds! 😀

* To clarify some more “big screen adaptation” means movie, like traditional theater movie (even if we need some other ways to watch it during the pandemic); I know there’s a Luke Cage series, but I can’t stream it (or anything) due to our very bad rural internet, and I also heard it could be improved. Mainly, I would love to see a Luke Cage movie of The Black Panther magnitude. 🙂