Dog days of summer

I took a working vacation to visit my co-Regional Advisor for the Indiana region of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators last month. It was my first time traveling since February 2020, and scarily, at least two-thirds of the people we saw were not wearing masks.

But we made it up there and enjoyed a lovely week with our gracious hosts, Diane and Jeff…and their 3 dogs.

This little gal here is Gaia. She was abandoned and abused as a youngster. If Diane hadn’t rescued her, she would have been put down as she was deemed untrainable. But Diane has a big heart and the patience of Buddha.

Diane said that Gaia tends to be afraid of anyone outside of family and will often hide under the couch when people/strangers are around.

But for some reason, she took a liking to me, along with Watson (in the red collar). When everyone was out except me, they both wanted my attention…probably 1) because they know I was trying to get work done and like children, they will do everything in their power to prevent that, and 2) while I’m fond of dogs, I’m not really a dog person (I’m 100% a cat person)…dogs can sense that and make sure they get as close to me as possible. Hah!

Gaia: “Are you paying enough attention to me?” Watson: ZZZZ
Gaia: “Are you SURE paying enough attention to me??” Watson: ZZZZZZZZZ
Gaia: “I’m going to sit on top of you to ensure you’re paying attention to me.” Watson: “HEEEY, what about MEEEE?”

Pets and just can’t do any work around them. LOL!

And if you’re wondering about the third dog, you can see her in some of the photos behind the coffee table. The other two weren’t going to allow her on the same couch as us. 😀