Summer Reading Reviews–From Kids!

I’m so tickled to have a review of Queen on Physics on the Weston Public Library blog!

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Here are some of our favorite Summer Reading Reviews!

If you’re looking for a book to read, try one of these–recommended by kids, for kids.

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I liked Invisible Emmieby Terri Liberson because I like the idea of how Emmie, the most invisible kid in the school that’s shy, turns eventually to be very popular. Kate, on the other hand, was very, very popular but that all changed. To add onto that, when Katie starts to help Emmie after someone found her love note to Tyler and her world becomes a disaster. She even lost her best friend, Brianna. Emmie likes Katies help but then just wants her to stop. Furthermore, I also like how the author separated this book from two different perspectives and you know both sides of the story. This is why I like invisible Emmie. I would recommend this book to anyone and…

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