Idle hands? Never

I’m a slow knitter, but I almost always knit while enjoying family tv time. I’m also not an experienced knitter so I’m constantly having to look up and learn/re-learn new terms and techniques. These are the reasons why I love knitting (and crocheting, too…all this applies to crocheting).

Thanks to knitting/crocheting, watching tv isn’t a complete waste of time because I’m 1) hanging out with the family, 2) analyzing plot and dialogue for my own writing, and 3) creating something useful ultimately.

Having to learn new terms and techniques works my old brain, and keeps me on my toes.

I’ve finally finished the throw I started last year. Here it is being blocked after washing.

Since I’ve finished that, I needed a new project to work on. So I had to dig out the swift and bobbin winder to ball up some new yarn. It’s kind of a hassle to set these things up, so I always wind a bunch of hanks while I’m at it.

This is the new color of yarn that I’ll be using (sitting on the rather pretty cable knit throw, if I may say so myself).

Want to know what I’m knitting next? Stay tuned!

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