Chopped liver

I had my own moment of the Sun Ra quote that says, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country among his own people.” Or, as this BoredPanda post hilariously shows…

For me, it wasn’t a bookstore but the local library that I practically lived in for the 15 years I homeschooled.

Despite the fact that there are very books in their children’s collection about notable Asian-Americans, let alone a female scientist, they only had one copy of Queen of Physics…until it won several awards at which time they bought 3 more copies for a grand total of 4. Meanwhile, they have on order 4 copies of a recently released, humorous book about a cow. Because, as we all know, cows are more important than an immigrant scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project and who helped several Americans win Nobel Prizes.

But, I’ll quit whinging about it even though I have several (many) more thoughts on the topic.

Instead, let me share a photo of some of the beautiful seedlings the Spousal Unit started several weeks ago:

Aren’t they cute? These have now been taken down to the unheated greenhouse to toughen them up for planting and he has started another batch of veggies in the utility room.

What about you? Do you have a garden? Have you been under-appreciated by your own town? 😝